Recce Registration

Friday, Nov. 8, 5-8 pm

at Red Lion Hotel Lobby

Saturday, Nov. 9, 6 am

The Ridge Motorsports Park


Early Entry End Nov. 3  -- $475

 Regular price Nov. 4 to Nov. 9 -- $575


Rally Competitors.  Thank you to all that have signed up already.

We want to announce if we reach 25 competitors at Tour de Forest Rally, we will have a raffle between all competitors, with the winner getting free regional entry to Olympus Rally 2020.  They will be automatically signed up for Olympus 2020. 


Winnings are not transferrable. 

UTV Notice

Due to the timing between stages being very short, Side by Sides will be required to have two trailers to transport to and from each stage at this year's Tour de Forest Rally.  Our apologies for this late notice.

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