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Weather Considerations

Olympus Rally this year will have both day and night stages.  That being the case we just want to give a few reminders to our volunteers. 


Stages will happen in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening after dark.  Please be prepared for this by bringing any necessary provisions.  Typically our weather in April is rather good but evenings can be chilly so please dress for the occasion.  Plan to be on the stage up to 10 hours.  Below is our full list of what we recommend you bring.

  • Dress for all types of weather (especially warm clothes)

  • Have a full tank of gas in your car

  • Bring lots of food and water

  • Bring something to pass the time with (book, games, etc.). There will be downtime while the stage is being set up.

  • Sunscreen, bug spray, T.P., umbrella, rain gear

  • Camp chairs

  • Paper/pen to log cars that pass your location

  • Headlamp or flashlight if it's a night stage

  • Cell phone and charger - some stages may have cell reception but don't count on it

  • FRS radios if you have them


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